Ruby Fruit Super Tea Recipe

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Time for Tea ~ A nourishing favourite: Ruby Fruit Super Tea Recipe for you!

I wrote this post a while back and this remains one of my most favourite herbal tea blends. No matter what the weather ~ try this one — hot or cold. It’s SO good. It also makes a super gift for a friend who needs a little ‘pick me up’. I am making it today and going to serve it over citrus infused ice cubes!

Ok.. onward with my post from springtime.. I just wanted to ensure that this ‘super’ tea is on your list to try ALL year long — and enjoy every sip!

It’s in ‘between’ at the moment.. Winter and Spring are having a tug-of-war, one day  teasing us with a sunny day filled with birds singing and a hint of warmer days on the horizon, and the next day .. today.. back to brrr… and freezing temps. There’s another round of colds + flu everywhere I look.  Also, everyone is really really tired… and weary.. from the Winter from hell.

What to do? Well, while a nourishing herbal tea won’t make Spring arrive faster, it’s warming and will bring a smile to your face. If you are already enjoying warmer weather or perhaps living in a hot climate, this tea is delicious served piping hot or over ice! It’s a long time favourite of mine and it’s beautiful too!

Ruby Fruit Super Tea It’s EASY to make:

1 part Hibiscus flowers
1 part Rose Hips
1 part Oats (milky oat tops are best!)
1/2 part Orange peel (dried)

Typically, I combine these ingredients together in a small batch and store in a glass ‘canning’ jar  (in a dark cupboard) so that it’s SUPER easy to make this tea at any time! Try using 1 cup for 1 part and store in a glass jar.  Use organic sources whenever possible ~ better for YOU!

HIBISCUS Flowers ^^
Known to lower blood pressure as effectively as some standard hypertension drugs
* Rich in Vitamin C
* High in anti-oxidants
* Helps with lowering cholesterol levels
* Known anti-inflammatory and anti-bacterial + diuretic
Buy Hibiscus flowers online here:
1 X Organic Hibiscus Flowers C/S

*Known to strengthen the immune system
*Can stimulate circulation
*Helps to maintain a healthy digestion
* Can reduce inflammation which helps to lower chronic disease risk (e.g. prevent heart disease!)
*Anti-aging as it heals tissues and cells. It also tones organs and regenerates cells
*Calming effect, prevents stress and also acts as an anti-depressant
Buy Rosehips online here:
Starwest Botanicals Organic Rosehips Cut Seedless, 1-pound Bag

Milky OATS (aka Milky Oat tops) Avena Sativa
* Excellent nervous system support herb
* Tonic supportive tea to help with ‘frayed’ nerves
* Calming and soothing for the entire nervous system

Milky Oats online ~ when available, here is my favourite source:
It’s Healing Spirits Herb Farm in upstate New York

Also available online here:
Frontier Oatstraw Green Tops 1x 1LB

*High in Vitamin C
* Immune Boosting
* Helps to lower cholesterol
* Contains anti-cancer compounds
* Offers natural relief from heartburn

Here’s an online source for Orange peel here:
Frontier Natural Products 985 Orange Peel Cut & Sifted Organic 1 lb


This is truly one of my all-time favourite herbal tea blends! Hope you enjoy it!

^^Find  hibiscus growing advice here.

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