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Last summer at the International Herb Association’s convention, in Corning New York, my dear friend and mentor Rosemary Gladstar, was featured as the Otto Richter award winner and keynote speaker.
She spent some additional time with us discussing her love of ELDER ~ herb of the year 2013.**
Here’s one of her favourite tea blends for dealing with fevers due to colds and flu. It’s easy to make and very effective! 

  • Yarrow    YarrowCornellSm
  • Elder flowers   ElderFl1
  • Peppermint or Spearmint  SpearmintFloweringJulyFeature

To prepare:
Mix equal parts of the dried herbs to equal approximately 2 tablespoons of herbs.
Pour 2 cups of near boiling water over the herbs in a cup (or canning jar with lid)
Steep 10 minutes. Strain.
Add some honey or maple syrup – this stuff doesn’t taste good but it lowers the fever, makes you sweat, eases headache and joint pain and I truly believe helps you fight off infection faster.
Drink 1/4 cup every hour, while awake.

NOTE: This blend is excellent for both adults and children. In cases of fever, make a bigger batch and drink often.

THE keys to successful herbal medicine?
1. Choose the correct herbs.
2. Choose the best form of the herb. (i.e. tea, tincture etc) for your needs
3. Take as soon as possible. Start with small dose and work up to the ‘therapeutic dose’.
4. Take as often as suggested by your herbalist.
5. Take until 2-3 days after the symptoms are gone.



Elder Flower medicine ~ super star!

** check out ELDER ~ Herb of the Year 2013 @ http://iherb.org  ~ website of the INTERNATIONAL HERB ASSOC.

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