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Herb Infused Baths

These days so many of us are rushing about with too much on our plates. As we plan the meals, shop for ingredients, try to make healthy choices, rush to work and back, shuttle family members to and fro ~Probably my most favourite bath, you may not be surprised to know, is quite simply often called
“Tub Tea” ~ the transformation of bath water into an herbal infusion!!
It’s easy ~ and so good for us.
These herbal baths are easy to put together for ourselves and make WONDERFUL gifts!

Herbal bathing can:

Calm our nerves (and entire nervous system)
Encourage restful sleep
Encourage better digestion
Moisturize our skin
Relax the body
Stimulate blood flow

Here’s a SEDATIVE BATH (oh yes, after a long day ~ as a sleep assist)
This is a list of soothing supportive relaxing ingredients. One or two or more  ~ your choice!


Chamomile                    chamomilecloseup




Lemon Balm


Passion Flower


Rose Harvest


Add chamomile to any above to assist with achy muscles.
To assist calming of sore joints (as in cases of arthritis), add bay leaves or lavender flowers or sage leaves.

ENERGIZING BATH ~ Can aid digestion + improve circulation
Lemon peel

as well as Grapefruit, Orange and Lime peels

Peppermint, Spearmint


Rosemary November

Using a dry brush technique before an energizing bath can help to invigorate the skin and increase circulation. There are many styles of ‘dry brush’. Pick one that suits you.


Ok here we go… Do like TUB TEA? It’s tea for your tub….

HOW To Make “TUB TEA” :

Steep herbs in lightly boiling water for three minutes and then simmer gently for fifteen minutes.
At this point, I transfer the water into a 4 cup glass measuring cup and use this to safely transfer the ‘tea’ into the warm bath water. (alternatively: bring the pot and large strainer and strain into bath water.
Try to relax while breathing slowly. Deep breaths.
A relaxed mind can be a great pain reliever.
For added relief, sip chamomile (often over-estimated) or a nice relaxing tea blend.
Note: willow bark or oak bark tea is ‘pain relief specific’ and can be helpful before and during the bath.

For another option: Put the ingredients into a fillable tea bag,
like this one : ^ Finum Disposable Extra Small Size Tea Bag Filters, 100-Pack, White,
and steep the herbs right your very warm bath! Maybe this is truly a memorable Tub TEA!

Additional options include adding powdered milk or 2-3 tablespoons of olive* or sesame oil plus 3-5 drops of your favourite essential oil. I like lavender or ethically wildcrafted sandalwood, rosewood, and sometimes rose geranium.
*olive and sesame are my favourites but good quality nut oils or vegetable oil.

^ this link is an ‘affiliate link’ with Amazon to show you what kind of tea bag filter I use for this tea, sometimes.
You would pay the same price ‘clicking’ on this link or going directly to Amazon. A small thank you is generated to help with the cost of Studio Botanica’s blog, when readers click through this link.  These same sorts of tea bag filters can sometimes be found at health food stores or tea shops.

Dry skin?  Try making an easy ‘oatmeal sachet’.
Put a cup of oatmeal into a square of cheesecloth. Take this into your ‘spa’ with you.
Gently rub elbows and knees etc

 Put some ZING into cold weather with Citrus Bath Salts

2 cups Epsom Salts
1 cup Baking Soda
 Orange or Lemons ~ use the zest, freshly grated
20 drops of citrus essential oil (you can use all lemon or lemon verbena)*
*or play with mixture with tangerine, orange and grapefruit
Combine Epsom salts and baking soda in a bowl.  Grate zest of orange or lemon and add to bowl.
Stir ingredients together.
Slowly add in about 20 drops of essential oil, slowly & stir until mixed thoroughly.
Spoon the citrus bath salts into a clean empty jar and seal.
Let your bath salts sit for a day or two to get infused with essential oils.
Easy to use: Add 1-2 Tbsp to the bath while water is running.







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  • My 4 yr old granddaughter always gets an herb bath at my home. And has rarely ever gotten sick, I think she has had a mild cold twice in her life. She loves them! My tub not so much. The stains are a real pain to get rid of. But well worth it.

    I just wish my aching body could handle the tub for even 10 minutes. But since I can’t I utilize a basin for occasional foot baths.

    • Thanks for sharing Tanya! Maybe try herbs that don’t stain.. or add some baking soda?
      Foot baths can be very healing too! Hope you feel better soon.

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