Cold n’ Flu Tea Soother

There are many ideas to help ourselves when we are feeling “under the weather”. I tend to try to think ahead and have little Mason jars, filled with pre-measured concoctions “at the ready” before flu and colds are EVERYWHERE!

Here’s an easy concoction…Although – easier when prepared before we…and 1/2 the family are ‘stricken’!

For Colds and FLU ~ here’s a tea to try:

For one mug of tea use:

1/2 teaspoon dried ginger  OR 1 inch or so of root, grated (spicy, warming, immune balancing)
1/2 teaspoon chopped sage  antihistamine)
1/2 teaspoon chopped thyme  antibiotic, antiviral)
Juice of half a lemon (sour, good source vitamin c)
1/2 tsp raw honey  – or to your  taste

Delicious support for you this winter!

Delicious support for you this winter!

Additional options: a dash of cayenne pepper (hot, immune boosting)
1/2 teaspoon Calendula flowers (anti-viral, anti-microbial)

This is a guideline more than a recipe, and can be changed up or altered to suit your tastes.
Other ideas include:
Orange peel or other citrus peel
Turmeric (grated fresh or a teaspoon of dried)
Cinnamon powder
Nutmeg, fresh grated if possible

The idea really?  Combine warming, anti-viral, immune boosting herbs together in a warm beverage and sip often throughout the day.

Here are some more ideas in my post “Teas for Winter Health”


 What is YOUR favourite tea for winter health?? 

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