Bug Bite remedies that may surprise you!

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Sometimes, despite our efforts, we still find ourselves plagued by mosquito bites or the occasional bee sting. It can be helpful to find quick relief; remedies can be as close as your kitchen!   I can personally attest to these, having used ALL of them in recent years. Bug bites remedies can save your picnic fast!

In fact, it’s almost 20 years ago, I learned about our friend “onion” and ability to help quickly~

Picture it. I was on the roof of the cottage (small lakeside cabin), cleaning leaves from the eaves troughs, when mayhem ensued.. I had NEVER been stung by a bee. From childhood experiences with friends who had bee sting allergies.. I was more than a bit nervous that I, too, would have issues. I sat on the roof and wailed! Yes.. No decorum here.. HELP, I’ve been stung. Owww!!
Sounds so silly now, but it was truly traumatic at the time. Tee Hee.. 

Savvy beloved to the rescue. In minutes, I had been ‘tossed’ 1/2 an onion. “Rub the onion on the sting”. And there I sat.. wishing I had my Rescue Remedy with me. The sobbing subsided.
The pain and swelling dissipated quickly. I was exhausted but alive!!  YAY! Onions are indeed a very handy helper and soothed the sting immediately!
Bug BIte remediesHere are some more “bug bite” remedy ideas from the pantry:

Apple Cider Vinegar

Treat mosquito or ant bites topically with a dab of ACV.  Very effective also when mixed with a little clay; the paste has a soothing, drawing affect and helps to quiet pesky itchy bug bites and helps to remove the stinger from a bee or wasp sting.

Lemon Juice or Cucumber Juice

Helps to soothe and relieve itch. Apply topically

Baking Soda

Mix with water or vinegar to make a thick paste. Apply to affected area.

Cold Milk

Soothing for stings.
Make a quick compress with a cloth dipped in cold milk and apply to the area

Onions ~ see my sob story above!

Excellent for stings. Slice an onion and place on the area.  
This works quickly; both pain relief and calms redness and heat.

Vitamin C powder

For mosquito or ant bites.
Take a tablespoon of the powder and make a paste with water or ACV (apple cider vinegar)

Essential Oils ~ Lavender * Peppermint * Tea Tree

These 3 oils, used individually or in combination can be very soothing and antiseptic for bug bites. Mix with a small amount of vegetable oil. I use olive oil as the ‘carrier oil’. It’s always on-hand and works well. Otherwise, almond oil or your favourite is fine too.

Adults and children alike can benefit from a soothing, warm bath containing one of the following:

1 cup Epsom Salts
1 cup Baking Soda*
1 cup Apple Cider Vinegar
4-5 cups of tea made from fresh peppermint leaves (strained of the leaves)
2 cups Oatmeal (place in a cotton draw-string bag for ease of clean-up afterwards)

Note: Use 1/2 the amounts for your wee one’s bath.


Maybe not a pantry item, but I wanted to include here.  Echinacea tincture is very helpful both internally and topically.
Take 1 dropperful 3-4 times daily for enhanced immune function.
Apply tincture topically to fight infection.


Bug Bite Remedies

Enjoy YOUR summer!! May you need NONE of these bug bite remedies…but if you do.. you’ll know where to find quick relief!

What do YOU use ??




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