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Astragalus medicine, a well loved herbal participant in my medicine chest! Astragalus (Astragalus mebranaceus), also known as Chinese Milkvetch, has its orgins in Chinese herbal medicine (TCM) but can be grown in North America and has become increasingly important in the practice of many western herbalists too. Astragalus hails from the “pea family” (fabaceae) and the root is harvested in the fall.

Astragalus Highlights

Adrenal Tonic
Cardiac tonic
Immune stimulant
Immune tonic


Astragalus Medicine ~

As an adaptogen,* it is used for conditions typically characterize by low energy and endurance such as chronic fatigue and exhaustion. It can be used long-term to improve energy levels, decrease stress on the body, and to boost adrenal function.

 Note:  It is considered to be one of the best adaptogens for use with children.

As a cardiovascular herb, it helps to improve circulation and heart function. It improves heart function and circulation. It is used for poor circulation, anemia, heart conditions and high blood pressure.

In endocrine conditions, it acts on both the pancreas and the adrenals. Astragalus is used to stabilise blood sugar levels and can be used in diabetes treatment in general and specifically to help with adrenal exhaustion.

Our immune system loves Astragalus, truly one of the best immune tonics and adaptogenic herbal allies. It is excellent for the treatment of chronic immune conditions and helps to restore immune functioning after chemotherapy. It’s good for a weakened immune system , auto-immune conditions and for allergies as well
Ever the amazing anti-viral, astragalus is used for acute and chronic viral infections such as hepatitis and HIV.

Many herbalists suggest daily use of Astragalus root ~ Astragalus tincture or
Astragalus root powdered, which can be used in food or taken in capsules, as a preventative against ‘tick-borne’ illnesses like Lyme Disease. Here’s a recent post sharing this info.

* Adaptogenic herbs:

  • help us adapt to stress of all kinds (heat or cold or busy-ness or daily troubles)
  • can be used long term
  • are powerful allies in our herbal medicine chest

If you are unfamiliar with these herbal ‘terms’ ~ please see glossary ‘under articles above’

Astragalus. milkvetch. goat's-thorn. vine-like. astragalus sieversianus. Kazakhstan. Tien Shan. Trans-Ili Alatau

There are a long list of supporting attributes (sometimes called ‘secondary properties’) which work with the list above to bring healing.

Appetite stimulant
Circulatory Stimulant
Digestive stimulant
Uterine tonic


Contraindications:  Astragalus medicine is not recommended during pregnancy or lactation, or for infants.

Astragalus is a wonderful herbal ally. It has a place in the herbal apothecary, and, is possibly most used in tincture form. Sometimes, I toss a few pieces of this powerful root into to my soups or a nourishing stew. More often, I use good quality powdered root in my food.
The powder is mildly sweet and can be added to smoothies, sauces, soups and desserts. Why take a capsule, when it is so easy to add to our meals? Sometimes, I stir a couple of tablespoons into yogurt in the morning. Coming soon~ one of my all time favourite things to do with Astragalus root powder !

Amazing Astragalus Duo Vert

This adaptogenic herb can fit into your day with ease!
Do YOU use astragalus? Is this new info for you? How do you use it?
Share any stories, and stay tuned for a few of my favourite ways to boost our meals!







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