Wildly Delicious Sumac Lemonade

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Who doesn’t love a tasty cold tea in warm weather? There’s nothing so refreshing! Sumac Lemonade is SO easy to make ~ has only ONE ingredient, and is wildly delicious! Sumac Lemonade is packed with vitamin C and has a zingy rather tart taste. I love it!

Sumac, also spelled “sumach” (from the genus ‘rhus’) has many family members. The variety which grows in eastern Canada and north-eastern USA, and the one used in this recipe, is “Staghorn Sumac” (Rhus typhina), and has traditionally been used to create a tasty ‘sumac-ade’ for centuries!

SumacberriesSbThe berries are grouped into a sumac “drupe”, also called a “sumac bob”.

Beautiful, aren’t they?

“This drink is made by soaking the drupes in cool water, rubbing them to extract the essence, straining the liquid through a cotton cloth, and sweetening”

SUMAC LEMONADE or Sumac Iced Tea

Here’s an easy way to prepare fresh sumac lemonade!


Sumac Lemonade
Delicious tart beverage ~ good warm or cold.
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  1. Sumac berries
  2. optional: honey or maple syrup
  1. Harvest the berries (called 'drupes' or sumac 'bobs')
  2. Place in a large pot
  3. Cover with water and use your hands to agitate the water and the berries.
  4. Optional: Bring to a simmer and then turn off the stove
  5. Allow to sit for a while. (suggested 20min - 1 hour)
  6. Use a wooden spoon or your hands again to "smoosh" the berries
  7. Strain. Enjoy
  1. We want to strain 'herb tea' through a coffee filter (easy!) or a very fine sieve.
  2. Soaking the berries also allows some of their acid to be released, resulting in a tastier infusion.
  3. There are very fine hairs which can irritate our throat, so use a fine sieve. (I used two together and it worked very well!)
  4. Need to sweeten it up? Too tart? Add some honey or maple syrup to your taste!
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Sumac Lemonade

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