QUICK plan for fast tracking the FLU this winter

Healing Soup beats that VIRUS!

Go to bed.^^ When you know you are coming down with a bug you feel terrible and may have a sore throat, runny nose, or feel like you’ve had a run in with the proverbial ‘Mack Truck’. ALL  you can think about is going back to bed! NOBODY will be happy to have you ‘share’ […]

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Detoxifying Recipes + ideas for Spring rituals


SPRING is HERE !!  I am always so excited by the shedding of my winter coat, boots, mitts etc. This year has been especially drastic. Brutal even. I had the good fortune to get away to the sunny south and still got blasted with another 3 months of winter’s wrath! I am grateful for the […]

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Fire Cider 101


Once upon a time, in a land far far away…. Ok.. it was in the 90s and I was in Rosemary Gladstar’s apprenticeship programme at Sage Mountain in Vermont. Time is like that… It feels like a century ago, yet I can remember it like it was yesterday. It was there that I was inspired […]

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Autumn Veggie Bake with Turmeric


There are SO many delicious ways to roast veggies ~ autumn is THE perfect time to enjoy the harvest and this dish is high on the ‘comfort food that’s good for you’ scale! It was one of those days when we felt like something warm and nourishing and this just came together to create a […]

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Do you want to get rid of that cough?


There’s a lot of people still hacking and wanting to get ‘over’ a cough that seems to last a few weeks. Are you getting enough rest? Eat nourishing warming foods with my ‘pack of healers': Onions, Garlic, Cayenne, Horseradish (excellent for lungs!) and Ginger. Here are some ‘home remedies’  to help! Soothing Onion Syrup An […]

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Onions n’ Garlic n’ Curry oh my!


One of the best winter remedies is so simple. Most of us probably have Onions + Garlic + Curry powder. Years ago, my friend & mentor Rosemary Gladstar, shared this with her apprentices at her home on Sage Mountain in Vermont. The healing powers of these ingredients should not be underestimated! The original recipe does […]

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Easy Harvest Vinaigrette

Infused ACVjpgFeature

I’ve been writing a lot about infused vinegars ~ for healing, for hair care,  as fabulous flavour enhancers in your kitchen. Flavoured vinegars have become a mainstay in my home. They provide ‘that little something’ from apps to desserts. Probably the first ‘use’ for a herb-infused vinegar? A light ‘house dressing’ for your salad; easy to […]

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Anti-Allergy Foods


Are your ALLERGIES aggravating you? If you’re like many, this allergy season, you have stocked up on your favourite allergy medication and manage to control symptoms with the recommended daily dose of  ‘chemical’ help.  Allergy meds, like all pharmaceuticals, come with a wide variety of side effects** and have an affect upon the liver, over […]

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Meatless Mondays ~ Penne with Squash, Sage & Walnuts


Butternut Squash, Sage & Walnuts + Pasta I like butternut squash with just about anything! All squash are tasty and nutritious but this is my ‘go-to’ choice. It makes a great soup, casserole or as a part of a roasted veggie medley with herbs. This recipe works with any kind of pasta but my favourite […]

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oh oh! Summertime help for Bug Bite woes.


Pin It Sometimes, despite our efforts, we still find ourselves plagued by mosquito bites or the occasional bee sting. It can be helpful to find quick relief; remedies can be as close as your kitchen!   I can personally attest to these, having used one or another in recent years. Apple Cider Vinegar Treat mosquito […]

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