Golden Garlic Paste ~ Everyday Garlic goodness


Garlic is a gift!  The attributes of this pungent healing herb, are many.  How to EAT MORE GARLIC? Here’s a super idea ~ a family favourite. It is excellent spooned over a baked potato, with any kind of baked chicken, pork, beef or fish as well as legumes and a  myriad of vegetables.  It takes […]

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Magic of the Epsom Salts Bath


It’s NOT just for use after a long day at work or a lovely day in the garden!! Probably the most simple of all bathing rituals is the combination of pure Epsom salts in warm water. It may not sound very exciting. It doesn’t bubble or have a pretty scent. It IS, however, very GOOD […]

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Gifts for your HEART ~ celebrating 4 healthy ideas!

green and red healthy food

We all know that fresh fruits and veggies plus a selection of lean proteins contribute to a life-enhancing anti-inflammatory diet.  There is much written about making good choices. In honour of the feast of St. Valentine’s, here are FOUR herbs to consider when wanting to support the cardiovascular system.  I’ts just a glimpse but ~ […]

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Easy to make Herbal Vinegars


HARVEST time. For those with an herb garden, we’ve been enjoying our green allies in meals all summer. I tend to harvest for medicines from spring through fall, but definitely August is prime time, the garden’s bounty (or that of our local markets) makes me think about just how to preserve my herbal goodness for […]

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Garlic Scapes Pesto


This is one of my all-time favourite pesto recipes! Thanks to my friend Christine Stevenson and her husband, Romeyn  from Gaelic Garlic (Peterborough Ontario farmers market) ! She introduced me to these magical, somewhat lesser known ‘scapes’ ~ the slender green stems of the garlic plant, complete with the unopened flower buds. Garlic, is one of the oldest […]

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Easy Dandelion Recipes


MEATLESS MONDAYS and SPRING = DANDELIONS DANDELIONS are one of my favourite Spring herbs. I use the flowers, leaves and the roots as medicine,and enjoy this delightful highly nutritious “weed” often at this time of year. I’ve been dismayed for many years at the millions of $$$ spent each year to eradicate these  cheerful sunny flowers […]

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Is Garlic good for you? Let me count the ways…


I absolutely love Garlic!  Do you?? There are so many reasons to include this pungent member of the Lily family in your daily meals, anytime but especially now.  There is a glossary* to help with herbal terms but, please contact me if the properties below are not clear. The huge list, below, primarily extols the […]

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Time to decrease inflammation with Turmeric!


To Decrease Inflammation,  add this to your  meals today   Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) ~ A spice we need to get to know.  It’s the rich yellowy mustard colour in curry powder*  and is gaining popularity as one of THE heavy hitters of herbal medicine. A member of the ‘ginger family’, it is native to tropical […]

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What is Quinoa and Why do I care?


Quinoa   (pronounced keen-wa) The queen of ancient grains. Grown and revered by the Incas. Increasingly popular these days. WHY should you care about QUINOA? Quinoa offers us great gifts. It contains a balance of amino acids which mean: more protein (13%) than other grains, is packed with the minerals below plus vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants. […]

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