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  Here’s hoping you  will enjoy a healthy + happy holiday season! If you’re like most of us, you may  indulge in some ‘merry-making’ or maybe over-indulge in said merry-making? Fall arrives and I start making a series of ‘concoctions’  to have on hand for the cold months. We can benefit from warming soups and […]

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Herbs to help with Digestion


In my herbal medicine practice, one of the prevailing “themes” which seems to be at the root of the majority of ‘imbalances’ or ‘sensitivities'; is a malfunctioning digestive system.  There are such great helpers in the herbal medicine chest and so many botanicals which are easy to add to our daily routines and can make a […]

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Culinary Herbs CAN combat Colds and Flu!

Spices Collection XXXL

ANYTIME is a great time to incorporate lots of herbs + spices into your meals! I have never stopped being amazed by the wide range of helping ‘actions’ or healing ‘constituents’. You may be surprised at the long list of ‘so called’ kitchen herbs + spices which can all work together to help you feel […]

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India’s Herb n’ Spice Pantry


I had the opportunity, to speak to a wonderful group of women about healthy travels to India. Conversation turned to ‘food choices’ and what kinds of dishes will offer the most nourishment as well as support stressed immune systems. I always think of the culinary herbs and spices of India as a sort of ‘kitchen […]

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