Golden Garlic Paste ~ Everyday Garlic goodness


Garlic is a gift!  The attributes of this pungent healing herb, are many.  How to EAT MORE GARLIC? Here’s a super idea ~ a family favourite. It is excellent spooned over a baked potato, with any kind of baked chicken, pork, beef or fish as well as legumes and a  myriad of vegetables.  It takes […]

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Easy Garlic Syrup


Garlic is one of the most versatile herbs in our herbal apothecary. Whether it’s raw, sautéed lightly, roasted, pickled, chopped into honey or made into syrup ~ it’s a super healer.  Garlic syrup is another favourite remedy for raspy or sore throats, congestion or coughs. It can alleviate congestion in the lungs as it can […]

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Garlic Honey ~ winter health in a jar!


Pin It One of my very favourite winter herbal remedies is  “Garlic Honey”. It’s easy to make and I always make a big jar of it every autumn ‘in preparation for winter’s challenges’! It’s extremely effective in the case of  sinus problems,  sore throats, colds, lung congestion, and the flu. I know it’s February, and, […]

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FIGHTING the FLU ~ 3 Ideas to help you, now!


THREE IDEAS to FIGHT FLU SYMPTOMS! My FAVOURITE “winter” Homeopathic Formula It may look like an impossible word to pronounce; it sure is a mouthful ~ Oscillococcinum, is a homeopathic remedy I’ve used with great success over many years. Manufactured by Boiron, Oscillo (as it’s affectionately called by those not wanting to tackle the full name!!) is […]

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Healing Soups ~ Nourishing functional foods..It’s TIME!

Spices Collection XXXL

Today was soup day at my house.  I love soup days!  Day off from a life wearing many ‘hats’. Pots of warming, nourishing soup simmering on the stove, a promise of ‘winter health’, ready to go! I use the same “pack of healers”– onions, garlic, ginger, horseradish, cayenne — when making most winter soups. It’s all […]

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Is Garlic good for you? Let me count the ways…


I absolutely love Garlic!  Do you?? There are so many reasons to include this pungent member of the Lily family in your daily meals, anytime but especially now.  There is a glossary* to help with herbal terms but, please contact me if the properties below are not clear. The huge list, below, primarily extols the […]

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            For natural, reliable cough relief, try a tea recipe adapted from one recommended years ago by Tieraona Low Dog, M.D. Tieraona is both an herbalist and medical doc practicing in the southwestern USA. It combines thyme, which alleviates chest congestion and supports respiratory function, along with throat-soothing honey, powerful […]

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Easy Everyday Garlic ideas.


    Herbalists and nutritionalists alike agree that Garlic aka “the stinking rose” is one of the most  potent me members of the botanical world.   Studies indicate that the therapeutic powers of garlic are legendary regarding the prevention and treatment of heart disease, hypertension and atherosclerosis. Many believe that the worldwide risk of cardiovascular […]

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Sore throat? oh NO!


 It happens to most of us.. That scratchy, little catch in the throat that often quickly becomes akin to razor- sharp pain signalling the possible arrival of a new ‘invader’. My favourite remedy for this situation ? …..GARDEN SAGE.  Sage (salvia officinalis), that rather pungent green-gray leafy perennial which most often conjures up a memory of […]

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