Golden Garlic Paste ~ Everyday Garlic goodness


Garlic is a gift!  The attributes of this pungent healing herb, are many.  How to EAT MORE GARLIC? Here’s a super idea ~ a family favourite. It is excellent spooned over a baked potato, with any kind of baked chicken, pork, beef or fish as well as legumes and a  myriad of vegetables.  It takes […]

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Ruby Fruit ‘Super’ Tea Recipe


Time for Tea ~ A nourishing favourite: Ruby Fruit ‘Super’ Tea Recipe for you! It’s in ‘between’ at the moment.. Winter and Spring are having a tug-of-war, one day  teasing us with a sunny day filled with birds singing and a hint of warmer days on the horizon, and the next day .. today.. back […]

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Nuts about Nutmeg? You should be!


    Nutmeg is the kernel of a nut-like seed inside the fruit of the nutmeg tree. It can be spicy or sweet or quite bitter. Traditional healers have used it for centuries. Do you know that Nutmeg offers much in the realm of healing medicine?? Nutmeg’s unique taste comes from myristicin, which is a volatile […]

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Garlic Scapes Pesto


This is one of my all-time favourite pesto recipes! Thanks to my friend Christine Stevenson and her husband, Romeyn  from Gaelic Garlic (Peterborough Ontario farmers market) ! She introduced me to these magical, somewhat lesser known ‘scapes’ ~ the slender green stems of the garlic plant, complete with the unopened flower buds. Garlic, is one of the oldest […]

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Meatless Mondays ~ Swiss Chard & Caramelized Onions


  This week’s offering to celebrate succulent green choices features SWISS CHARD. This leafy green annual is a member of the beet family and can be purchased at local farmers markets or at your grocery with white, red, or multi-coloured stalks. This dish is rich and satisfying and an easy light main dish or colourful […]

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SPELT ~ ancient grain + wheat alternative


I remember the first time I enjoyed Spelt kernels in a dish. It was in Tuscany and it was love at first bite! It’s not always easy to find these tasty little spelt kernels or berries as they are sometimes called.  I did, though at one of my favourite health food stores, and it’s always a […]

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Easy Dandelion Recipes


MEATLESS MONDAYS and SPRING = DANDELIONS DANDELIONS are one of my favourite Spring herbs. I use the flowers, leaves and the roots as medicine,and enjoy this delightful highly nutritious “weed” often at this time of year. I’ve been dismayed for many years at the millions of $$$ spent each year to eradicate these  cheerful sunny flowers […]

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Sweet Potatoes ~ two EASY recipes


Pin It Sweet potatoes are as delicious as they are good for you! A medium sweet potato, let’s say 2 inches in diameter by 5 inches long, contains about 100 calories, about 2 grams of protein and almost zero fat. High in fibre, they are an excellent source of potassium, and good sources of Vitamins A […]

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Garlic Honey ~ winter health in a jar!


Pin It One of my very favourite winter herbal remedies is  “Garlic Honey”. It’s easy to make and I always make a big jar of it every autumn ‘in preparation for winter’s challenges’! It’s extremely effective in the case of  sinus problems,  sore throats, colds, lung congestion, and the flu. I know it’s February, and, […]

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Cinnamon ~ Balances Blood Sugar and much MORE !


Pin It Growing up, cinnamon was always a part of mom’s baking and the smell of cinnamon can still bring me back to days spent in an aromatic kitchen making apple tarts or other treats. I still like to make sweets with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and all of those ‘autumn’ herbs n’ spices, but in recent […]

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