Healthy Condiments for you ~ 3 easy to make recipes!


Are you a salty or a sweet lover? It’s funny how we are so often either one or the other. My personal preference is savoury salty foods.. Don’t tell anyone but I have been known to admit that my favourite food is the less than healthy potato chip. Yes. Plain salty crispy crunchy and not […]

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Delicious Gluten Free Bread ~ a basic recipe + more


It was on a beach in Mexico, under a palapa, when I finally settled down to read “The Wheat Belly” book, by cardiologist William Davis, M.D. This isn’t a book review but I do recommend this book. The first chapters talk about wheat; plain and simple and all of the ‘genetic changes’ throughout the last […]

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Meatless Mondays ~ EASY Herb Pesto


Don’t you just finding new ways to use those amazing herbs and herbal flavours from your garden? Whether it’s watching the garden flourish or later in the season ~ fresh herbs growing always make me want to play with PESTO; fabulous intense flavours and a super way to be able to eat more herbs every […]

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Easy to make Herbal Vinegars


HARVEST time. For those with an herb garden, we’ve been enjoying our green allies in meals all summer. I tend to harvest for medicines from spring through fall, but definitely August is prime time, the garden’s bounty (or that of our local markets) makes me think about just how to preserve my herbal goodness for […]

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Grilled Radicchio 3 ways


I LOVE  grilled veggies.  What do you like to grill?  I confess to love them all; a personal favourite for many years, is our MEATLESS MONDAY feature today! Radicchio is a proud member of the Chicory family with  a delicious slightly bitter taste. Grilling radicchio transforms the bitterness into a melt in your mouth bitter-sweet […]

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Summer Harvest : Basil & Mints


If you have a herb garden, you may have extras and wonder what to do with them. Maybe you don’t have a garden but see the fabulous bounty of herbs at your local farmers market. NOW is the time to make plans to preserve the power and good healing components of the plants.. I have been […]

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Meatless Mondays ~ Grilled Peaches Recipe


Peaches are one of my favourite fruits and August is definitely THE month to enjoy as many as possible! WHY?   Well it’s not just the juicy delicate peachy taste; peaches are so GOOD for us! A large peach * contains about 70 calories * is highly anti-oxidant * is a great source of Vitamin C […]

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Pesto? Presto!


Pesto is a delight. I love Pesto. It can become an intensely flavoured dip, a light pasta sauce, a lemony vintaigrette to serve with salad or steamed veggies.. UNLIMITED! I have been known to use a mortar & pestle, and yet I confess that the food processor fast-tracks the recipe and yields a delicious, mouth-watering result […]

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How to: Kale Chips !!


Some are into ‘sweets’ ~ me? Give me salty and savoury! I love the crispy crunch + crackle of potato chips, if the truth be told.  I was thrilled, years ago, to discover alternatives to my beloved chips….at my local HFS (health food store) ~ chips made from parsnips, beets, sweet potatoes, and I got […]

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FESTIVE ~ Herbs + Marinated Chevre ~


Just before Christmas, years ago,I received this recipe with rave reviews from friends, Ann & Diane.  I’ve made it several times, when entertaining and I agree; it’s delicious, easy to prepare and always a hit. It’s decadent (isn’t goat cheese always?) and very colourful. I think it’s a delight to serve anytime…some of my favourite flavours […]

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