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We all know that it’s a good plan to include lots of fresh fruits and veggies in our day. I know many of us will remember the ‘echo’ of “Eat your Veggies” from our childhoods. I do. There were a couple of veggies that I didn’t fancy but for the mostpart, I have been a fan of seasonal fresh fruits and veggies, both raw + cooked, always. Are you a fan of the ‘fresh’ ?

Let’s face it ~ We ALL could benefit from eating more fruits and veggies every day!!

How many servings, daily, do you eat personally?

What is a ‘serving size’ these days? Here’s a link to give you an idea.

Eat your veggies!  Is this an often uttered plea in your house, with your family?

Health Canada  recommends 7 servings daily for adult women. That’s each and every day!
Children? 4-6 servings per day!

Well.. that’s a lot of salads!  Not sure we can fit all of that into our day.. we think..
Eat Your Veggies  has become a theme in my home!

It’s a few years now that I’ve been experimenting with different ways to prepare seasonal fresh produce. There’s the traditional ways that we enjoyed a fruit or veggie from our own family’s habits and recipes, but there’s more to be explored, for sure. 
As a busy herbalist, I try to ‘practice what I preach’. I teach about eating the rainbow, and embracing new and exciting ways to prepare and enjoy nature’s bounty, I am always active in my quest for another idea ~ a twist on the ‘norm’. Everyone seems to have the same lament ~ “It takes so much time” or “I am tired of the same thing” 
NEW recipe ideas make a huge difference in the quest to increase our veggie and fruit ‘intake”, don’t you agree?

Very excited to share the news about a possible solution for you! My longtime friend Jessica Espinoza, has created the perfect little eCourse to inspire us!

Eat the Rainbow

She has created the Eat the Rainbow eCourse as a way to help herself eat more fruits and veggies. This is an area she,(like many of us) really struggled and she wanted to  find easy ways to get more produce into her  everyday diet. This course was born out of that experience. I can’t wait to get started!

Jessica says: “This eCourse is perfect for all eaters — no matter what dietary style you follow. While there may be a lot of debate as to the “perfect” diet, there is one thing that we know, eating more fruits and veggies is never a bad thing. It doesn’t matter if you’re paleo, traditional foods, vegan, vegetarian, keto, or whatever other form of a diet you may be following, vegetables (and some fruits when tolerated) should make up a large chunk of our diet and our health can improve dramatically just from this one thing.
I created this course to appeal to all dietary styles and all levels of “foodiness”. Whether you are brand new to eating real food or a seasoned expert in the real food world, this eCourse is packed full of easy tips, tricks, recipes, and nutrition facts that everyone can benefit from.”

Want to learn some new tricks and ideas for getting more “rainbow”  into your diet ?
…. and I mean….. without having to eat a big salad with every meal?  This helpful eCourse is
launching with a super introductory price! I’m sincerely SO excited. I hope you are too.
 “Eat your veggies” takes on a new ‘ring’!!
Some ideas covered in the course:
  • Why Eating More Fruits and Veggies is Important
  • How to Eat More Produce on a Budget
  • How to Shop Locally and Seasonally
  • What About Sugar & Carbs?
  • Fresh, Frozen, or Canned? Does it Matter?
  • How to Get Kids & Picky Eaters to Eat More Veggies
  • Raw or Cooked? Does it Matter?
  • Fermented Foods
  • Fruit and Veggie Nutrition Profiles and Facts
  • Helpful Tips and Tricks for Easily Incorporating More Produce into Your Diet
  • Lots of recipes and easy meal ideas scattered throughout every lesson
  • And so much more!

As an Added Bonus for Joining:

  • You will get instant access to a bonus eCookbook that is filled with delicious veggie recipes to help you kick off your journey to Eating the Rainbow (a $15 value).
  • You will get access to our private Eat the Rainbow community on Facebook where we will be sharing even more recipes, tips, tricks, and nutrition information every day (a $25 value)

Ok friends, sharing this exciting new offer with you. Wishing you ONLY the very best.
I’m off to roast some veggies and get on with my day, but before that, I have one more thing to add:

“We can use whatever HERBS we want, in our healing journey but we need to support ourselves with the healing powers of nutrition and an attempt at ‘balance’ in our days,  for best results and optimum health.

Here’s to each finding our own ways to increase our power to heal and live our optimum lives!

What’s YOUR favourite fruit and YOUR favourite veggie?  Do you have a favourite way to prepare?
PLEASE share!!

Here’s to better health ~  Carol

Eat your Veggies












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