HOW are YOU this week? *Quiz*


– Checking in with YOU!!!   These questions can be answered with  YES or NO. Keep track!

THIS WEEK, ARE YOU….                                                                

Feeling stressed?

Feeling over-worked?

Experiencing ‘Task-overload’?

Getting enough sleep?

Waking up feeling refreshed and ready for the day?

Eating well?

Eating processed food?

Drinking alcohol >4 times weekly?

Craving sweets?

Eating sweets several times weekly?

Drinking ‘soft drinks’ or ‘pop’ often?

Exercising enough?

Often watching the evening news?

Travelling by airplane soon? Or did you recently?

Taking prescription drugs?

Taking antibiotics? Or have you recently?

Care giving an elderly family member?

Affected by SAD? (Seasonal Affective Disorder)

AND… DO YOU….                                                                            

Have good air quality at home and/or work?

Have school-aged children?

Work outside the home?

Work in an enclosed workplace with others nearby?

Feel that you are too busy, generally?

Normally experience 2 or more colds or flu yearly?

Have allergies or asthma?

Have a chronic health issue?

If you have found that you have answered yes to 5 or more of these questions,
you may want to consider that you may benefit from either
1. additional nutritional supplementation
2. a herbal consultation to create a supportive programme just for you
3. an alternative health practitioner appointment
4. increased focus on a nutritional nourishing meal regimen plus some daily exercise
5. consider learning about the Bach Flower remedies as an emotional supportive treatment
It’s a busy life. It’s the way “it is” for many of us.  There are wonderful resources.
Please ask questions. Send comments!      
  good green wishes,   Carol

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