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Horehound (Marrubium vulgare) is one of my favourite bitter herbs. Horehound Medicine is also an important part of my winter medicine chest! It’s a super herb to alleviate coughing, wheezing and chest congestion.  It can act as a helpful expectorant to alleviate a nasty cough. 

Have you used Horehound? So much more than a herbal “candy”!

Wait til you see the many healing attributes. You’ll want to check it out!

Horehound Medicine Highlights:

appetite stimulant
expectorant (secretolytic/relaxing),

Check out the herbal terms ‘glossary’ under articles above. 

Horehound Herb

Baby Horehound ready for planting in my herb garden!!

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Horehound can be used for any lung condition ~ bronchitis, asthma, chest colds, coughs.  
It can help to dry sinuses. Effective in cold + flu formulae.
Excellent ability to calm a fever or in feverish conditions.
Horehound is a good ‘bitter‘. It stimulates the entire digestive tract.
Excellent liver herb. Used for liver and gallbladder conditions
           Contraindications: Pregnancy.

Traditionally, herbalists also use horehound leaves to make lozenges, syrups and old fashioned candies.
I use honey as opposed to white sugar when possible in these preparations, as I feel that sugar is
counter-productive to healing. Raw honey is full of healing attributes, and a better sweetener, I believe.
I normally tincture it and add it to formulas separately. There’s a wonderful formula for this time of year, which can be truly effective and a ‘life-saver’ when winter’s ailments come calling.
It’s a tincture turned supportive lung elixir.
For the ‘youngsters’, especially, we can make this tincture more palatable with the addition of raw honey.
I make this by combining separate tinctures, from my apothecary. I combine them when needed for any formula. and then add the rest of the ingredients. You can do this too, or use the following alternative:

Plan B ? Make the entire formula at once, combining all the herbs in a glass jar and topping with vodka, but leaving the honey and citrus to be added at then end, in individual dosages.

Here’s what I mean:

Here’s a list of ingredients for a 1 quart jar:

1/4 cup dried yarrow flowers
1/4 cup fresh thyme leaves/flowers (or about 1/8 cup dried)
1 cup chopped fresh sage leaves (or about 1/3 cup dried)
1 cup chopped fresh horehound (or about 1/2 cup dried)
optional: honey
                :zest of 1/2- 1 orange, lime or lemon
Fill the jar with vodka. Poke the herbs with a chopstick or wooden spoon to help air bubbles to rise to the top. Ensure all plant material is covered with the alcohol.
Allow to sit in a cool cupboard or on a shelf where you will remember to shake it often.
Opinions vary re the length of time to leave a tincture  ‘brewing’. I try to leave it for at least 1 month (over 1 full moon cycle)
Decant into another jar. Label and date.
When wanting to use, it’s ready as a tincture now.
If you want to make an elixir, of sorts.. add a little raw honey to taste plus the zest of citrus (your choice, I’ve used all and find they add another layer of yumminess!)
If you have about 1 quart, use about 1 cup of raw honey; otherwise, if you have made less, just adjust to your ‘taste’. Horehound Medicine is worth checking out.

Want to learn how to make a soothing throat losenge?
Will go and look up my recipe and post it soon!

Green blessings and my sincere wishes for a healthy day! 

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