Herbs to help improve & REMOVE congestion!

 Apparently colds and flu are ‘hanging about’ already! There’s a mounting anxiety about viruses in general due to current situations around the world. I am updating some of my posts to make sure that the latest info is shared.
Having said that, there IS  a nasty cold and ensuing cough which I’ve been told, has a tendency to linger.  I’ve been asked to create some formulas for a number of clients.

Which formula works best, of course, depends on the individual’s overall ‘picture’ and acute symptoms.

Herbs, with their ages old wisdom can alleviate symptoms and help us on the road to better health.
In traditional herbal medicine, we treat the whole person, which doesn’t mean we just
treat ‘symptoms’ but the underlying causes and the individual’s chronic situation, incorporating a plan to
uplift and support. Optimally, we can all benefit from an ongoing herbal medicine protocol!

We tend to start with the most gentle remedies first, as in the ideas I shared in previous post,
Chest Congestion Remedies“. Many times, these home remedies can be effective and no further action is required.

Have you used any of these?
Do you have other remedies that you have used to clear congestion?

In herbal medicine, there are many possible combinations of herbs, for each situation.
We personalize each remedy, with the whole person in mind (their medical history, ongoing issues, lifestyle considerations etc)
Optimally? I would love to see everyone with a ‘team of helpers’, a support team of people to provide care..

In the meantime? If looking for an herbal formula to help to clear lung congestion ~ keep these power-house herbs in mind when checking out a treatment plan for yourself.

Elecampane ! One of Mother Nature’s Glorious Gifts!


Coltsfoot: relieves congestion. Small doses can help to open passageways.
We use it to help with cough, pneumonia, laryngitis
Comfrey leaf: excellent for respiratory illness
Comfrey root: excellent for lung complaints, coughs
Elecampane Root: good expectorant, soothes coughs
Eucalyptus leaf: helps to break up phlegm, fight coughing spasms
Juniper berries: Use as steam inhalation for coughs, colds, excess mucus
Hyssop Herb: Anti-spasmodic, expectorant; Excellent relief coughs, excess mucus
Lungwort: As tea or tincture; colds, coughs, asthma.
Often combined with mallow and coltsfoot
Pleurisy Root: Effective in lung & respiratory conditions. Mild tonic effect on lungs
White Horehound Herb: Relieves cough, spasms, expectorates excess phlegm

There are more options but these are some of my favourites.

Do you have a combination that has worked for you?  Share it with us!

To your health!                  Carol 

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  1. jason white says:

    Osha root is really great for sore throats and is a powerful expectorant.

  2. melissa says:

    I would love more info on this post, this winter had been incredibly hard for me.antibiotics for walking pneumonia felt like they were no help….now chest congestion…..suggestions???

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