Herbs can help Digestion

In my herbal medicine practice, one of the prevailing “themes” which seems to be at the root of the majority of ‘imbalances’ or ‘sensitivities’; is a malfunctioning digestive system.  There are such great helpers in the herbal medicine chest and so many botanicals which are easy to add to our daily routines and can make a huge difference in how we feel. Herbs can help digestion.

How well do you digest and assimliate your food?
Do you find that you are tired after eating?
Do you have heartburn symptoms?
Do you have gas, flatulence or bloating after eating?

The following herbs are digestive ‘super powers’. How many of them do you use?

Herbs can help digestion~ Here’s a short list of many possibilities:

Caraway– provides tonic nourishment and aids digestion

Catnip herb– relieves gas and indigestion, relieves muscle cramps, induces sleep, nourishes nervous system


Chamomile– tea eases digestive upset, controls H-Pyloribacter responsible for many stomach ulcers.  Tincture relieves insomnia. Homeopathic  Chamomile can relieve earaches,  soothe irritability.  Nourishes nerves.



Cilantro herb – Helps to detox body  from heavy metal (especially mercury) poisoning.


Coriander seed – stimulates the appetite and supports good digestion.


Dandelionroot stimulates bile production and flow 25%, nourishes liver, balances hormones, aids detox.
herb; the greens can be a delicious  as a bitter…sauteed very simply (see here)
or can be  juiced for a balanced diuretic.

Fennel–  stimulates appetite and digestion, relieves gas, freshens breath

Fennel Seeds

Fennel Seeds

Fenugreek– eases digestion, reduces excess mucous secretions.

Ginger– relieves nausea, stimulates immune function, acts as a potent antioxidant

Lemon Balm herb – calming to the entire system, yet supportive and stimulating for digestion.
Strong antiviral, especially against herpes; excellent in cold sore remedies.  Nourishes the nervous system.

Milk Thistle– protects the liver, stimulates growth of healthy liver cells, increases bile production and flow 40%, stimulates immune system response.

Peppermint– eases indigestion, gas, calming for the entire digestive system
Try as a supplement as an enteric coated essential oil capsule which can be very helpful with soothing  irritable bowel (IBS) symptoms


Here’s a favourite combination (thanks Kate Gilday) called WISE WATER TEA!

Wise Water Tea

Boil 1 litre of water. Place in a non-plastic thermos or 1 litre Mason jar with a lid.

Add 1 tsp each of cumin, coriander and fennel. Let steep for about 15 minutes.
Strain and drink a cup before breakfast and sip the rest throughout the day.

This combination of 3 herbs increases our digestive ability as well as extremely effective as detoxification tonic. It is a powerful  digestive tonic; a good support for the entire body! Make a batch and enjoy throughout the day.
* This combination has specific uses in herbal medicine circles; to help the body strengthen and clear toxins after cancer chemotherapy.


 There is a good chance that you would benefit from adding one or  a combination of these herbs to your daily tea or to your meals.  If you would like to explore  “helping to improve digestion and assimilation” in more depth, you are  welcome to  contact me for a consult.


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