Herbal Teas For Winter Health Ebook

In “Herbal Teas for Winter Health”, you will learn how we can enjoy refreshing healing herbal teas all year long, to nourish ourselves and our families!

The winter months offer specific challenges and are THE perfect time to add the healing power of our green world to our lives! Step into my world ~ Fall in love with new tastes. Feel empowered!

Whether you are new to herbal medicine and the world of herbs or a devotee with your own personal favourites, you will find insightful ideas for tasty blends and also a detailed list of Carol’s preferred winter tea herbs.  We don’t need a huge apothecary to be able to make and enjoy herbal teas which will benefit us.

  • Learn how to make the perfect cup of herbal tea
  • Learn the difference between infusions, decoctions and more and when to use what
  • Become familiar with my list of best choices for herbal teas for winter health, based on years of herbal practice
  • Discover the best places to purchase your herbs and which forms are the best for you
  • Enjoy some of my ‘go to’ herbal tea blends for best health!

Sage tea sore throat remedy





from Rosemary Gladstar:
Another excellent  e-Book from Carol Little. We get dosed with so much information these days that it gets overwhelming. It’s refreshing to read something so clear, simple, practical and easy to understand.  “Herbal Teas for Winter Health” is filled with great recipes  that will keep you healthy through the long months of  winter (or Saturn’s season?).


Save time and money ~ Benefit from years of herbal study and practice to pinpoint exactly what you and your family need to both prevent colds + flu plus nourish and support yourselves all year long!


Carol Little R.H. is a traditional herbalist in Toronto, where she has a private practice working primarily with busy women ~ home-makers, entrepreneurs, women in business. She has a unique system for helping her clients integrate holistic healing choices into their lives while helping to move towards optimum health. Email her for consult info here –> carol@studiobotanica.com
She is a past board member and current professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association.
Carol is an active member of the International Herb Association where she writes a regional report for the quarterly newsletter as well as a chapter each year in the “Herb of the Year” publications.

She is a contributing author for the very informative online Natural Herbal Living Magazine
Carol has written herbal articles and a restaurant review column for many years for Vitality Magazine.

She shares her herbal passion here  @STUDIO BOTANICA    for herb-infused recipes, herbal remedies and seasonal tidbits. Subscribe to our newsletter and embrace herbs and healing foods in your life!

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