Hello ~
I am writing about my passion ~ HERBS!
and..about making healthy CHOICES.
Every day we make so many choices — good and bad.
Life-enhancing and otherwise. Easy and hard.  Much of
the time we make a choice because it’s what we know;
it’s what our family has always done. It’s what our peers do,
or think or it’s been ‘that way’ for so long that we don’t even
realize it’s a choice we’ve made.
Small simple changes can make a big difference in our day-to-day mood and wellbeing.
 Over time these small changes can benefit you and your family in ways that will delight you.
Have a favourite herb?  Questions about herbs or “all things green”?
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It’s about living our best lives – making healthy choices when possible.

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Green Blessings,   Carol


  1. Susan says:

    I am thoroughly enjoying your site and learning so much. Thank you for the time and effort you put into it.

    • carollittle says:

      Thanks Susan! Herbs are my passion. I love sharing ways we can embrace herbs + healthy ideas.
      Glad you are enjoying. Please comment and ask questions on posts. Green blessings, Carol

  2. S. Culliver Brookman says:

    Carol, This is an absolutely awesome site . . . fab info and beautifully presented. I’ll be back often, as I’ve fav-ed it. Way good!

  3. Diann Nance says:

    Several of us got together and had fun trying elderberry and elder flower recipes. One of the recipes we tried was your elder flower champagne from the Herb of the Year Elder book. We have a couple of questions: During the eight-day period, should the champagne be in a dark or light place; should it be refrigerated? Should there be a thin, whitish, bubbly layer on top of the champagne after it has aged for 8 days? Any other helpful hints would be appreciated. Thanks.

    • carollittle says:

      Hello Diann.
      I have always kept it in a quiet dark cool place. Yes, the layer of filmy bubbles has always been normal.
      It sometimes goes away or I have skimmed off that layer; still wonderful results.
      Let me know how it turns out!! Thanks for your questions. Green blessings, Carol

  4. Loray Lee says:

    Hello. I just made the rose vinegar. Can’t keep some of the roses submerged. They float to the top. I wet/submerged all of the roses, but they will not stay submerged. I even removed some to see if that would help, but it didn’t. I don’t want vinegar to get moldy. Do you use some type of weight when this happens? What do you use? Thanks for the beautiful recipe.

    • carollittle says:

      HI there. If you can fill the jar to the very top with roses and then vinegar, it’ll be fine.. Just shake it or turn upside down a few times every day. Long ago, I did have this issue, and used small disc or a glass jar lid, which just fit inside the larger jar and acted as a weight. I tend to fill up the jar with vinegar and shake it and have never had a problem.
      Thanks for the great question. I’m glad you like the recipe. I’m sure it’ll turn out great!!

  5. Rachael says:

    Hi! I love your site, but I can’t find the answer to something I was looking for… can you recommend a good herbal supplement for breast tenderness during PMS? Mine is pretty severe and makes me miserable for about weeks every month!

    • carollittle says:

      Hello Rachael. Breast tenderness during ‘moon time’ can often be relieved with lymphatic herbs like cleavers.(look for a tea at your local health food store). Calendula salve may also be an idea. Normally we would start a protocol with some liver supportive herbs to start with. It’s usually a process to make changes and takes time. As you know, I am not dispensing medical advice here, just opinions from traditional herbal medicine. Dietary adjustments, stress relief, and herbs can work wonders. Hope that these ideas are helpful.Thanks for writing.

  6. thanks for the infomation good to no .

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