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Welcome to our Resources page.
This page will change and evolve with time. It’s a work in progress to bring you some accessible ideas for where to find this and that! These links represent many of my own “go to” resources.
I hope you find this helpful!

Dried herbs
 Mountain Rose Herbs
                          Healing Spirits Herb Farm + Education Centre

Fresh herbs and Seeds : Check out Richters Herbs ~ all things herbal –> here



Schools + Classes: 


Michael Vertolli ~ a brilliant herbalist, friend, teacher, mentor. Excellent source for local herb clinic and long distance learning classes (online)

SAGE Mountain:

Rosemary Gladstar, fairy godmother of American herbalism, friend mentor, herb-sister. This site is a wonderful resource of classes and a resource for making good connections with Rosemary’s Plant Lovers’ Journeys as well as the International Herb Symposium and the New England Women’s Herbal conference.

Carol and Rosemary @ International Herb Symposium

Carol and Rosemary @ International Herb Symposium

Annie McIntyre, famed British medical herbalist and Ayurvedic practitioner, dear friend and long-time fabulous teacher of plant medicine. Annie has partnered with Gina Mastroluca (polarity therapist, yoga instructor) to create a transformative, healing journey in an online at home format. Living Wisdom ~ The foundations of Ayurveda is the result!

Help to save our medicinal herbs at risk in the wild (and learn about which ones ARE in need of our protection)

United Plantsavers:

Dedicated to saving native plant species in USA and Canada. Founded by Rosemary Gladstar. We must treat our ‘Green Nations” with respect. We can act in a supportive way with our consumer choices. ALWAYS purchase herbs from a reputable company or herbal practitioner. By making these good choices, we ensure the continued availability of these precious medicines, as well as the continued existence of these all important plants.