Who needs a bug bite???


Pesky biting insects like the common mosquito can be a real irritant during our warm months. Thankfully, I have learned a few ideas along the way, which make me less of an “attraction”. I was asked, recently to put together some ideas for friends who are going camping in the next week, so thought I’d […]

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India’s Herb n’ Spice Pantry


I had the opportunity, to speak to a wonderful group of women about healthy travels to India. Conversation turned to ‘food choices’ and what kinds of dishes will offer the most nourishment as well as support stressed immune systems. I always think of the culinary herbs and spices of India as a sort of ‘kitchen […]

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Hydration ~ Why does it matter?

sun sparkles on water

Hydration vs. Dehydration For years we’ve heard that 2/3 of our body weight is water. There are entire books written about just HOW important good quality water intake is to our health. It is estimated, however, that 75% of North Americans are living in “dehydrated” bodies. Every cell in our entire body requires adequate water […]

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