Irritable Bowel? Here’s a plan and 3 Herbs to HELP!


Herbal Help for Irritable Bowel Disease  One doesn’t need to go far to meet someone experiencing “Irritable Bowel Disease” or “Irritable Bowel Syndrome”. In fact, 20% of North Americans have one challenge or another which goes under this  ”umbrella” term. That’s about 50 million people! So many of my own clients have ‘digestive system challenges’. [...]

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Sea Salt Quinoa Chocolate Bark


Welcome to Wendy Polisi, my favourite “queen of Quinoa”. She is the creator of and the author of The Quintessential Quinoa Cookbook.  This book is a work of art, and offers the reader  nutritious ideas and allows the ‘quinoa novice’ to navigate along the path to using this superfood in many innovative ways!  See below for [...]

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Herbal Vinegar in the Boudoir ?


RAVISHING ROSEMARY HERBAL HAIR CARE It’s easy to make herbal haircare products. With our autumn harvest of Rosemary or just with some fresh Rosemary from the grocery store, it’s a delightful mini-project and takes so little time to create a nourishing  hair rinse. Rosemary has been used for centuries to support a healthy scalp, nourish [...]

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SPELT ~ ancient grain + wheat alternative


I remember the first time I enjoyed Spelt kernels in a dish. It was in Tuscany and it was love at first bite! It’s not always easy to find these tasty little spelt kernels or berries as they are sometimes called.  I did, though at one of my favourite health food stores, and it’s always a [...]

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FIGHTING the FLU ~ 3 Ideas to help you, now!


THREE IDEAS to FIGHT FLU SYMPTOMS! My FAVOURITE “winter” Homeopathic Formula It may look like an impossible word to pronounce; it sure is a mouthful ~ Oscillococcinum, is a homeopathic remedy I’ve used with great success over many years. Manufactured by Boiron, Oscillo (as it’s affectionately called by those not wanting to tackle the full name!!) is [...]

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THIS superfood is WILD!


MEATLESS MONDAYS gone WILD !!                 Fiddleheads have twice the antioxidant activity of blueberries and are a non marine source of Omega 3 and Omega 6 essential fatty acids. What is a fiddlehead? A fiddlehead is a green vegetable that is considered to be a nutritional wonder. The top of a fiddlehead [...]

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