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Renowned health advocate, Dr. Mark Hyman, has created a powerful documentary series called Broken Brain. He has gathered over 50 world leading experts, including Hay House authors Dr. David Perlmutter and Dr. Frank Lipman, along with Dr. Terry Wahls, JJ Virgin, Jim Kwik, Dr. Daniel Amen and so many more who have transformed the way medicine is practiced, to share cutting-edge information that you need to know in order to protect your future (and hold onto your past). 

I am looking forward to seeing and hearing some of the  most powerful health leaders from around the globe in a documentary that’s literally changing lives everywhere. This epidemic is taking over our brains, our minds, our health… and our future. It is time we ALL understood the dangerous epidemic that is Broken #Brain. 
The epidemic of Broken #Brains is stealing our future (and erasing our memories). Please make time to watch this, and help me spread the word if you can! Thanks.                   
Carol xo
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