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Meatless Mondays ~ EASY Herb Pesto


Don’t you just finding new ways to use those amazing herbs and herbal flavours from your garden? Whether it’s watching the garden flourish or later in the season ~ fresh herbs growing always make me want to play with PESTO; fabulous intense flavours and a super way to be able to eat more herbs every [...]

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Detox Bathing ~ It’s a spring thing..


  With the cold blustery days finally behind us, we turn our faces to the warmth of the sun and SPRINGTIME! It’s a time for lightening up — for lighter meal choices and lots of GREENS!  We can use our food as medicine–choosing anti-inflammatory ‘kitchen medicine” and detoxifying foods as well. Shedding the winter clothes, [...]

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Magic of the Epsom Salts Bath


It’s NOT just for use after a long day at work or a lovely day in the garden!! Probably the most simple of all bathing rituals is the combination of pure Epsom salts in warm water. It may not sound very exciting. It doesn’t bubble or have a pretty scent. It IS, however, very GOOD [...]

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HOW to make a super-nourishing Mineral Broth


We’re in that maddening “in between time” ~ it’s supposed to be Spring but doesn’t yet feel like it, at least it doesn’t here in Toronto.  Happy for the sun today, but, it IS still very cool.  We are SO ready for the warmer temps and to shed our winter garb and enjoy our porches and, [...]

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Do you want to get rid of that cough?


There’s a lot of people still hacking and wanting to get ‘over’ a cough that seems to last a few weeks. Are you getting enough rest? Eat nourishing warming foods with my ‘pack of healers’: Onions, Garlic, Cayenne, Horseradish (excellent for lungs!) and Ginger. Here are some ‘home remedies’  to help! Soothing Onion Syrup An [...]

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St John’s Wort ~ Winter Sunshine!


If you’re NOT a winter person, or when too many gray days line up in a row, or the busy-ness of life has left it’s toll and you feel like screaming, there are a number of herbal helper options.. ONE is what I like to call, Herbal Sunshine! For all those who  HATE WINTER!! Herbal Sunshine [...]

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When everyone is SICK ~ Look after you!


Everyone around you STILL getting sick? It’s not too late to look after YOU! Ideally you have an immune supportive herbal remedy that you have been taking on and off since the autumn…but regardless — if you start to have “that feeling”…  When every second person at work is sniffling or sneezing, I reach for [...]

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Elderberry Medicine


Elderberry As promised,  I am continuing to write about ELDER, 2013 HERB of the YEAR! So much can be said about this fabulous plant ~ it’s a well-loved member of my ‘green team’ of healers, and always in my apothecary. I make herbal tinctures, syrups, liqueurs, tonics, and more with this all star. It is [...]

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Herbal Infusion for Fevers + Flu


Last summer at the International Herb Association’s convention, in Corning New York, my dear friend and mentor Rosemary Gladstar, was featured as the Otto Richter award winner and keynote speaker. She spent some additional time with us discussing her love of ELDER ~ herb of the year 2013.** Here’s one of her favourite tea blends for dealing [...]

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Soothe your skin this Winter!


The winter months can be a challenge for your skin care regimen! In and out of the cold and then, poor indoor air quality can combine to ‘wreak havoc’ with, even normally healthy skin. At the risk of stating the obvious; HYDRATE!  It’s more important than ever to drink good quality pure water, often. I’ve made my [...]

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