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Who needs a bug bite???


Pesky biting insects like the common mosquito can be a real irritant during our warm months. Thankfully, I have learned a few ideas along the way, which make me less of an “attraction”. I was asked, recently to put together some ideas for friends who are going camping in the next week, so thought I’d […]

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Lavender 101 ~


So grateful to friends who have given me glorious bunches of lavender over the years. Apparently it grows easy enough for others. I confess to have limited success growing this, one of my favourite plant allies! Traditional herbalists view lavender (lavandula spp) as an integral part of the herbal apothecary. Personally, I use it often […]

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Ruby Red Herbal Iced Tea


Whether enjoying a summery day at home on my covered porch or out in the garden, one of my preferred thirst quenchers is a fragrant, ruby-red infusion of hibiscus flowers, rose hips and delightful lemon-scented “Melissa”, lemon balm.  I rarely add honey, however just a little honey does make this refreshing for everyone! 1 part […]

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Rose Medicine ~ Rose Vinegar


There’s probably nothing easier to make than a delicious herbal vinegar. It’s one of my favourite ways to preserve herbs throughout the year. ROSE VINEGAR is a yearly tradition and finds its way into many salads each summer. ROSE VINEGAR can also be diluted and used as an after sun soothing spray. I made a […]

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EASY Energizing Tonic


Warm Weather~ Sometimes the busy-ness of it all + the warm and normally humid (in southern Ontario) weather invites cooling, refreshing beverages. What can we change, one choice at a time, which can be life-enhancing? Over the years, I’ve experimented with some tasty bevvies for the deck or dock or after time spent in the […]

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Rose Medicine ~ Rose Tincture


Rose Medicine I love Roses. Do you? I love all ROSES! It was a great pleasure to be a part of the collaboration of the International Herb Association’s 2012 HERB of the YEAR publication: ROSE. ** I loved diving into my recipes and playing with ROSE for the better part of 2011 ~ and play […]

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Meatless Mondays ~ EASY Herb Pesto


Don’t you just finding new ways to use those amazing herbs and herbal flavours from your garden? Whether it’s watching the garden flourish or later in the season ~ fresh herbs growing always make me want to play with PESTO; fabulous intense flavours and a super way to be able to eat more herbs every […]

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Detox Bathing ~ It’s a spring thing..


  With the cold blustery days finally behind us, we turn our faces to the warmth of the sun and SPRINGTIME! It’s a time for lightening up — for lighter meal choices and lots of GREENS!  We can use our food as medicine–choosing anti-inflammatory ‘kitchen medicine” and detoxifying foods as well. Shedding the winter clothes, […]

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Magic of the Epsom Salts Bath


It’s NOT just for use after a long day at work or a lovely day in the garden!! Probably the most simple of all bathing rituals is the combination of pure Epsom salts in warm water. It may not sound very exciting. It doesn’t bubble or have a pretty scent. It IS, however, very GOOD […]

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HOW to make a super-nourishing Mineral Broth


We’re in that maddening “in between time” ~ it’s supposed to be Spring but doesn’t yet feel like it, at least it doesn’t here in Toronto.  Happy for the sun today, but, it IS still very cool.  We are SO ready for the warmer temps and to shed our winter garb and enjoy our porches and, […]

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