I love Nettle. Yes, I do. The abundance of this powerful plant, thought to be a useless weed by many, is one of the earth’s gifts to us, and never more important than “now”. So many of us are rushing about with long “to do” lists, filling up on coffee to help us get going every morning and then more coffee or ‘Cola’ for ongoing caffeine support. Stinging nettles are probably the most nutritionally-dense plant on Mother Earth.

Rich in protein, trace minerals and vitamins, it has the ability to restore energy, working deep within the body on our ‘zapped’ adrenal glands. Miss nettle has several ‘mechanisms of action’ and can move her deep healing powers to all of the cells in our body. That is, if we can ingest enough! I am fond of saying that herbs can indeed change our lives if we take the correct herb, the best version of that herb, enough of that herb and take it longer than we think is necessary. In this case, the ‘trick’ is to ensure that we have nettle often. It becomes a habit, to find ways to incorporate nourishing herbs like ‘Stinging Nettle” into our daily lives. Sometimes, that’s a challenge. I thought I’d share some ideas with you ~ to help you to make this delightful ‘green lady’ be an integral part of your life.

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Antibiotics can be a good thing. After all, they do save lives every day. We live longer because of them. We can be grateful that we have access to them.

TOO much of a good thing, however, becomes a problem. By the time our kids are 2 years old, most have received at least one antibiotic. By the time our teenagers reach 18 they have received between 10-20 ‘rounds’ of antibiotics. The numbers increase from there.

It has been obvious for many years that antibiotics are being over-used and often even prescribed for viral infections! Colds + Flu are viral and will clear up ‘in time’. They do NOT respond to antibiotics ~ ever. In fact, the repeated use of antibiotics has been proven to weaken the body. It is, after all, a form of chemotherapy, when you think about it.

At least 50% of the antibiotics prescribed for our children are unnecessary according to the Centers for Disease Control. If you drink 2 glasses of milk each day, unless from antibiotic-free animals, you are potentially getting a daily dose of about 50 micrograms of tetracycline.

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Running Hot + Cold Hydrotherapy! It’s EASY to do…and SO good for you. Here’s a simple WHY + “How To”

There are many different types of hydrotherapy ~ various types of warm soothing baths, saunas, colonics, and simple hot and cold showers, to name a few.


Hot water relaxes us, helping to reduce stress.

Cold water helps to relieve inflammation and stimulates the removal of toxins via the lymphatic system & the skin.

We can give our circulatory system a big boost by taking hot and cold showers. The result is invigorating and offers a long list of benefits. We can use hot and cold showers to “wake up” totally, in the morning and/or we can choose an evening ritual to encourage an extreme sleep!

Wouldn’t you love to have an inexpensive easy way to relieve pain, improve your circulation, feel more energetic and revitalize your health?

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TEN WAYS to Boost YOUR Immunity this winter ~ without a flu vaccine

1. Wash your hands often. I know that this may seem rather obvious but is so important.

2. Stop touching your face. It has been noted that we tend to touch our faces; especially eyes, nose, and mouth over a 1000 times a day! Every time we do, we are possibly introducing any number of viruses or bacteria into our body.

3. Create a habit to take herbs to boost and support the immune system. Tinctures or tea form are normally the most effective. There are so many possibilities when making a choice for a good immune support tincture.

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Herbal Health Tips for Winter

These 6 SUPER-STAR herbs are all extremely helpful to have on hand during the fall and winter months. Eat them every day to boost your immune system function. Focus on warming, nourishing foods and eat something, every day that makes your eyes ‘tear’ and nose ‘run’. This is a wonderful way to allow a virus to exit the body before it starts any trouble!

– Cayenne
– Garlic
– Ginger
– Horseradish
– Onions
– Turmeric

These 6 are ‘must-have’ herbs for your pantry for OPTIMUM WINTER HEALTH:
CAYENNE – As a circulatory stimulant, Cayenne is used to promote heart health and blood pressure equalization. It is used for 100s of indications. Cayenne can act as a ‘potentizer’ for the other herbs. (e.g it boosts the effects of the garlic) It does the same for Vitamin C. It has long been used as an “accentuating agent” – literally boosting the ability of healing to reach throughout the entire body where it’s needed. “I don’t eat spicy food,” you may say.
You can still add a little to your meals, and as often as possible! Choose the powder or throw whole cayenne peppers into stews or soups.

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5 ways to KICK-START your Day AND Increase your Energy!

The fundamental message of spring suggests renewal, repair and new growth. And perhaps … New ideas? Why not?

The idea of “cleansing” or empowering our eliminative pathways to work well means increasing our digestive “fire” as it’s called in Ayurvedic terms. This can best be accomplished by starting the day with a positive thought and one of 5+ great-tasting ‟tonics‟ described below. Experiment with old favourites or try something NEW!

Many health practitioners feel that “commercial cleansing programs” only serve to feed the billion dollar diet industry. In reality, I believe that if we shift away from meat and dairy, nurture our body with whole foods and focus on simple easy-to-digest meals, we will succeed, with the help of specific herbs, in strengthening our organ systems and achieving a “lightness of being”.

Each of these 5 ideas offers a different taste and combination of benefits. Why not pick one and move through the list over a period of a month? Your body will thank you !

First and foremost; Use good quality filtered water for all of these recipes. Use organic ingredients whenever possible. Keeping in mind that the goal here is to start your day in an empowering way — strengthening, nourishing, increasing digestive ability and supporting the eliminating organs and pathways.

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It’s a SPRING ‘thing’ ~ Time to DETOX your home ~ 7 Essentials for ‘Scentsational’ seasonal Success!

At this time of year, it’s a ritual for many of us to spend time cleaning, tossing, re-organizing and freshening up our homes after wintertime.

After months of keeping windows and doors closed, allowing very little air circulation, it’s time to throw open our windows ~ time for ‘Spring Cleaning’

As usual it comes back to our “CHOICES”.  We can make small, informed choices every day or every week, which are life-enhancing & nourishing or not.  We can continue to make choices based on what we’ve always done, or what our families have always done, or stop and consider new possibilities.

Whether it’s the type of clothing we buy, the sort of food we choose to eat, the kind of TV we enjoy watching or the basic choices we make regarding our home’s health – our cleaning ‘habits’.

We are bombarded with advertisements proclaiming the merits of everything from this laundry detergent to that window cleaner ~ it’s a very long list. We have more choices now than ever before. There’s even an expression for this issue; it’s called “consumer confusion”.

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