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Cold + Flu Season. Are YOU Ready?




Carol has written this book for busy people who want to enjoy a healthy winter OR maybe even gallivant through the cold months~ It’s for ANYONE who is interested in health, healthy family, self-reliance and EASY herbal ideas!

Proclaim this winter THE healthiest yet — starting with 10 TIPS for Prevention.
Pamper yourself with soothing baths, healing teas and EASY to make healing remedies from the pantry.
Puzzle no more about whether it’s a cold or the flu with a simple symptoms chart to guide you!
Promote quick relief for cold + flu symptoms with step-by-step recipes and suggestions.

EMPOWER yourself ~ Increase your personal self-reliance and have SUCCESS helping your family members with effective, herb-infused remedies to both prevent cold + flu this winter and ALL YEAR LONG!!




CCsealonlyTHREE  Best of Community Cookbook from 52 Real Food Bloggers





Community Cookbooks ~ Winter Soups








 Community Cookbooks ~ Naturally Sweetened Treats








Community Cookbooks ~ Gluten-Free Snacks








31 Days to Detoxify your Life









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