Carol Little R.H. is a traditional herbalist in Toronto, where she has a private practice working primarily with busy homemakers, professional women, business women and entrepreneurs. Instead of the “Grab ‘n Go” approach to health, she shares her “One Small Change” programme which leads women along the winding road to better health!

Carol is a past board member and current professional member of the Ontario Herbalists Association. She combines her love of travel & passion for all things green & loves to write about both.

Carol has written for Vitality Magazine for many years . She writes a monthly article for the online “Natural Herbal Living Magazine”. She is a ‘roving reporter’ for the International Herb Association’s quarterly newsletter and writes a chapter each year in the IHA’s “Herb of the Year” publications.
HERB of the YEAR 2017 is Coriander/Cilantro ~ fabulous book available soon.
These wonderful “Herb of the Year” books are available for purchase online from the IHA

Carol has written 2 eBooks ~ based on her experiences as an herbalist and years of helping people to use herbs to optimize healthy days!
Cold + Flu Season ~ Are YOU ready?” 


“Herbal Teas for Winter Health”



The posts on Studio Botanica should NOT be seen as medical advice.
As a traditional herbalist, Carol has information to share and loves to do so.
Please realize that the website is a guideline or offers suggestions
based on years of study and personal experience only.
Contact her personally for a one-on-one consultation –> carol@studiobotanica.com


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