Herbs to help improve & REMOVE congestion!

Elecampane ! One of Mother Nature's Glorious Gifts!
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Garlic Honey ~ winter health in a jar!


Pin It One of my very favourite winter herbal remedies is  “Garlic Honey”. It’s easy to make and I always make a big jar of it every autumn ‘in preparation for winter’s challenges’! It’s extremely effective in the case of  sinus problems,  sore throats, colds, lung congestion, and the flu. I know it’s February, and, [...]

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Bam ! Essence of Emeril’s special herb blend!

Heirloom Tomatoes

HAPPY MARDI GRAS everyone!! When I think of New Orleans, I have great memories of time spent in pre-Mardi-Gras ball celebrations, years ago…. As a herbalist + ‘foodie’, I LOVE concocting delicious herb + spice blends to enhance meals and add “kitchen medicine” to the dishes I prepare for family & friends. Can’t think of [...]

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How to cook Quinoa

Roasted Garlic + Quinoa

Roasted Garlic + Quinoa It’s MEATLESS MONDAY ~ Here’s a quick “HOW TO” session plus EASY recipe for enjoying my favourite herb, GARLIC and the goodness of Quinoa !! Have fun with this!  and…for those of us in Ontario — HAPPY FAMILY DAY! I’m very pleased to have Wendy Polisi (www.cookingquinoa.net and cookbook author Quintessential [...]

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Meatless Mondays ~ Chocolate & Quinoa Bars


  Over the last year or two, I’ve been learning about Quinoa and having fun playing with it in the kitchen. My friend Wendy Polisi, who I call the “Queen of Quinoa”  has kindly shared this delightful recipe with us ~ in celebration of  CHOCOLATE & QUINOA.  Well…it’s almost Valentine’s Day…..so enjoy this edition of [...]

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Healing foods for Winter Health

green and red healthy food

I think that people are finally getting the message that ‘what we eat’ affects us in so many ways and that a diet chosen with solid nutrition and high vitamin content is of great benefit in every way. Sometimes we just need a ‘reminder’ ~ especially during the winter months, to return our focus to [...]

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FESTIVE ~ Herbs + Marinated Chevre ~


Just before Christmas, years ago,I received this recipe with rave reviews from friends, Ann & Diane.  I’ve made it several times, when entertaining and I agree; it’s delicious, easy to prepare and always a hit. It’s decadent (isn’t goat cheese always?) and very colourful. I think it’s a delight to serve anytime…some of my favourite flavours [...]

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Cinnamon ~ Balances Blood Sugar and much MORE !


Pin It Growing up, cinnamon was always a part of mom’s baking and the smell of cinnamon can still bring me back to days spent in an aromatic kitchen making apple tarts or other treats. I still like to make sweets with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and all of those ‘autumn’ herbs n’ spices, but in recent [...]

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