Herbs to help improve & REMOVE congestion!

Elecampane ! One of Mother Nature's Glorious Gifts!
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Garlic Honey ~ winter health in a jar!


Pin It One of my very favourite winter herbal remedies is  “Garlic Honey”. It’s easy to make and I always make a big jar of it every autumn ‘in preparation for winter’s challenges’! It’s extremely effective in the case of  sinus problems,  sore throats, colds, lung congestion, and the flu. I know it’s February, and, […]

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Bam ! Essence of Emeril’s special herb blend!

Heirloom Tomatoes

HAPPY MARDI GRAS everyone!! When I think of New Orleans, I have great memories of time spent in pre-Mardi-Gras ball celebrations, years ago…. As a herbalist + ‘foodie’, I LOVE concocting delicious herb + spice blends to enhance meals and add “kitchen medicine” to the dishes I prepare for family & friends. Can’t think of […]

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How to cook Quinoa

Roasted Garlic + Quinoa

It’s MEATLESS MONDAY ~ Here’s a quick “HOW TO” session plus EASY recipe for enjoying my favourite herb, GARLIC and the goodness of Quinoa !! Have fun with this!   Please leave comments below about what you do with Quinoa! I’m very pleased to have Wendy Polisi (www.cookingquinoa.net ) here today. Wendy has written several  cookbooks […]

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Meatless Mondays ~ Chocolate & Quinoa Bars


  Over the last year or two, I’ve been learning about Quinoa and having fun playing with it in the kitchen. My friend Wendy Polisi, who I call the “Queen of Quinoa”  has kindly shared this delightful recipe with us ~ in celebration of  CHOCOLATE & QUINOA.  Well…it’s almost Valentine’s Day…..so enjoy this edition of […]

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Healing foods for Winter Health

green and red healthy food

I think that people are finally getting the message that ‘what we eat’ affects us in so many ways and that a diet chosen with solid nutrition and high vitamin content is of great benefit in every way. Sometimes we just need a ‘reminder’ ~ especially during the winter months, to return our focus to […]

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FESTIVE ~ Herbs + Marinated Chevre ~


Just before Christmas, years ago,I received this recipe with rave reviews from friends, Ann & Diane.  I’ve made it several times, when entertaining and I agree; it’s delicious, easy to prepare and always a hit. It’s decadent (isn’t goat cheese always?) and very colourful. I think it’s a delight to serve anytime…some of my favourite flavours […]

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Cinnamon ~ Balances Blood Sugar and much MORE !


Pin It Growing up, cinnamon was always a part of mom’s baking and the smell of cinnamon can still bring me back to days spent in an aromatic kitchen making apple tarts or other treats. I still like to make sweets with cinnamon, allspice, nutmeg and all of those ‘autumn’ herbs n’ spices, but in recent […]

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