Culinary Herbs CAN combat Colds and Flu!

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ANYTIME is a great time to incorporate lots of herbs + spices into your meals! I have never stopped being amazed by the wide range of helping ‘actions’ or healing ‘constituents’. You may be surprised at the long list of ‘so called’ kitchen herbs + spices which can all work together to help you feel […]

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Meatless Mondays ~ Penne with Squash, Sage & Walnuts


Butternut Squash, Sage & Walnuts + Pasta I like butternut squash with just about anything! All squash are tasty and nutritious but this is my ‘go-to’ choice. It makes a great soup, casserole or as a part of a roasted veggie medley with herbs. This recipe works with any kind of pasta but my favourite […]

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“How To” Chest Congestion Remedies


There are an ever-increasing number of drugs available to deal with chest congestion but the side effects associated with the use of these drugs is a concern for many of you. Home remedies for congestion are free from side effects and can provide instant relief. In order to make breathing easier, it becomes essential to liquefy the […]

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FIGHTING the FLU ~ 3 Ideas to help you, now!


THREE IDEAS to FIGHT FLU SYMPTOMS! My FAVOURITE “winter” Homeopathic Formula It may look like an impossible word to pronounce; it sure is a mouthful ~ Oscillococcinum, is a homeopathic remedy I’ve used with great success over many years. Manufactured by Boiron, Oscillo (as it’s affectionately called by those not wanting to tackle the full name!!) is […]

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Carrot + Ginger soup with a twist !


Gotta love a soup that is as pretty as it is yummy!  This is the ultimate MELLOW soup for a cold day when we need a ‘pick-me-up’ NOW! You can control the zing of the ginger. Remember ginger adds another dimension of ‘healing constituents’ to this velvety bowl of steaming goodness!  Carrots, as you probably know, […]

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