The BEST Gazpacho ever!

Heirloom Tomatoes

It’s that time of year when our local tomato harvest is at it’s peak and tastier than at any other time of year. I love to enjoy them in a variety of ways. My childhood favourite; toasted tomato sandwich with mayo is still the ultimate quick treat. My dear friend Greg has recently treated us […]

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Hydration ~ Why does it matter?

sun sparkles on water

Hydration vs. Dehydration For years we’ve heard that 2/3 of our body weight is water. There are entire books written about just HOW important good quality water intake is to our health. It is estimated, however, that 75% of North Americans are living in “dehydrated” bodies. Every cell in our entire body requires adequate water […]

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A trip down Lavender Lane ~ Join me!


Lavender (lavandula angustifolia) is without a doubt, one of my most favourite herbs. If you’ve ever had the good fortune to find yourself in Provence in early summer, it is perhaps, one of yours too.  One simply must fall in love with the overwhelming beauty of rolling fields of light mauve to deep purple blossoms […]

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Meatless Mondays ~ Cold Soups, Perfect Summer Refresh


IT has been a hot summer this year in southern Ontario!  WOW!  I’m not complaining, but have changed some of the ways that I entertain, with the addition of  summertime COLD soups! When the days are just TOO hot to be in the kitchen for long, I’ve started experimenting with easy to prepare cooling soups […]

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How’s YOUR digestion?


The old saying “You are what you eat” would be slightly more TRUE changed to “You are what you can digest or assimilate” I know it’s not as ‘catchy’ a phrase but truth nonetheless.  We can choose to eat high quality foods from the best sources. We can eat ‘local’, follow the strictest dietary guidelines….but if […]

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