More and more women are experiencing Rosacea, a type of inflammation which causes the skin on your cheeks and nose to appear flushed and red. The apparent causes are debatable; bacteria, mites, fungus, or hereditary factors. I think that this is all a part of the slight shift in “how sensitive we are becoming”, but […]

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Eat YOUR Greens ~ What’s first on my List?


When Spring bursts forth, we are inspired to think about the SPRING CLEANING ritual ~ of home and body. There’s a change of energy in the air.  We feel enlivened…Well we do, if we’re living in ‘the 4 seasons’ and there’s that feeling…IT’S TIME NOW !!! Time to lighten up – Time to move more, to get […]

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Time to decrease inflammation with Turmeric!


To Decrease Inflammation,  add this to your  meals today   Turmeric (Curcuma Longa) ~ A spice we need to get to know.  It’s the rich yellowy mustard colour in curry powder*  and is gaining popularity as one of THE heavy hitters of herbal medicine. A member of the ‘ginger family’, it is native to tropical […]

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What is Quinoa and Why do I care?


Quinoa   (pronounced keen-wa) The queen of ancient grains. Grown and revered by the Incas. Increasingly popular these days. WHY should you care about QUINOA? Quinoa offers us great gifts. It contains a balance of amino acids which mean: more protein (13%) than other grains, is packed with the minerals below plus vitamins and powerful anti-oxidants. […]

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Ginger Root. Nature’s OWN Antacid.


Are you one of those people who suffer from the dreaded “acid reflux” ? Do you find that certain meals make you feel queasy or just plain uncomfortable afterwards? Feelings of indigestion are common with millions of North Americans on a regular basis and sales of antacids have sky-rocketed in recent years. Savvy women know […]

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